Tuesday, 18 January 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

I found this inspiring and amazing article from Rhea Perry's site. This article give more motivation to write my own books as soon as possible. Wish this article also inspire you to write your own books and get a lot of money from its.
1.    God has done a great work in your life that others are waiting to hear.
2.    If you don’t give the message, the lessons you have learned will be lost.
3.    If you share the message with others, the message will live forever.
4.    If you share your message with others, it could change their lives.
5.    Your children are waiting to hear it.
6.    Your grandchildren will want to hear it.
7.    When you look at what God has done in you and for you, you will realize
how blessed you are.
8.    You will be recognized as an expert in that arena.
9.    You may be asked to speak about your topic to spread the word even more.
10. You can create another stream of income with every book you write.
Whether you would love to write fiction or non-fiction, your message will never get
to those who need it until you write it down in a book.
You may read the original article here.