Who is Peter Adi Saputro ?

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My name is Peter Adi Saputro. I was born on 13th December in Tuban, a city in west border of East Java (Jawa Timur). I have two sisters and I'm the oldest child of my parents.

I was entered elementary school at the age of seven at Sekolah Dasar Pusaka (Pusaka Elementary School). After I finished my elementary education, I continued my education at Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri 1 Tuban (Tuban's First State Junior High School) the best junior high school in the city. I was graduated at the year of 2002 and then continued to Sekolah Menengah Umum Negeri 1 Tuban (Tuban's First State Senior High School) the best senior high school in the city. Then I continued my education to the university level at Surabaya. I took Information Technology Majors with specialty in Computer Science and Computer Network.

Now, I am work as an IT Consultant and Computer Application (Software) Developer. I also have experiences in teaching computer programming and computer software (office application) for almost two years. But, for now I focused my works on Application Development and IT Consultation. So far, me and my team have working experiences on 6 application development projects and some other experiences concerned in computer technology. I have four CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Training Certificate and have plan to pursue the international certification in networking in the future.

I am the Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Software Architect, Chief Technology Officer of Petasoft. Petasoft is my the business that I developed since 2010 and have help some people to develop any level of software or application

Currently (since June 2015), I spend some of my times working at PT. Axano Peta Data that I founded with three friends. Our new business venture focus on developing and selling business solution software for any levels of businesses. You can contact us at axanopetadata@gmail.com.

You may contact me through email peteradisaputro@gmail.com.

Visit http://petasoftinc.blogspot.com to get to know more about my business and all products we provides.

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