Sunday, 4 May 2008

GLAT (Google Labs Aptitude Test)

GLAT or Google Labs Aptitude Test is unconventional standardized test made by Google Labs. The goal of this test is to know how much aptitude we have in mathematics, computers, Google culture, art, and others. As I have heard before Google also use this test to find some people with abilities that they need in their company. Especially to solve the problems of engineering. They will hire some of those people to become their employees, be part of Google business kingdom.
So for all of you if you have a dream to work in Google try to do the test, you can find it at
googleblog. Who knows you are the one that Google hire as their employee ? To feel the enthusiastic and enjoy work environment and also to taste delicious food that Google give for all of their employees. According to US Labor Department, Google is the most interesting work environment in US.
Try now or you will regret !!!