Sunday, 28 March 2010


Once again, a quite long title of my article. Yes, in recently days I’ve think about this one. I need some excellent people to be my excellent partners. I’ve realize that I can do all of my job alone, I need partners. I need them all so that I can do job that can make me maximize my talents or that comform to my main skills.

I need excellent people to become my partners in fields of spokesperson, salesperson, marketer, programmer, chief of financial officer, secretary, writer, designer, chief of product, chief of company culture, and chief of business strategy. I need spokesperson to help my to explain what job I do now and also to help others to know what I recently think. I need salesperson to help me to sell the products of my company. I need marketer to help me to promote my business and it’s products. I need programmer to help me to develop the products. I need chief of financial officer to help me to manage money and financial problems. I need secretary to help me to schedule all of my activities. I need designer to help me design brochure, advertisement, company logo, and many other designs. I need writer to help me to write down my experiences, my way of think, and anything else. I need chief of product or chief of software engineer to help to manage the products development process. I need chief of company culture to help me to make a good and comfortable culture in my company so that can make all of the employees do the best job. I need chief of business strategy to develop the business strategy of my company.

Yeah, I need a very excellent team that consist of very excellent persons. So far that still become my dream, but oneday I must make that dream come true. Should make that dream to become real ! I need excellent team, cause I realize that only excellent team can do excellent jobs. Do you have interest to become a part of my excellent team ?