Saturday, 27 August 2011

Competition as a Breath of Life

I rarely wrote a full English article, but now I want to try to write it. I want to do it cause I want to sharpen my English skill. This article is the result of the contemplation of my own life.
After almost two years with no fighting and struggling, I realize that I am going to the direction to be ordinary people, not extra ordinary people. But I don’t want that to happen in my life. After very long time, I realize that I need some breakthrough, a lot of motivation, and also ambitions to change my way of life to go to the right way. The way to the extra ordinary life. The way to be an extra ordinary people.
From my contemplation, I know that people need competition. We need competition to keep challenge ourself to learn something new skills and to leverage our skills. We need competition and challenge to force ourself to keep active, to keep learn, to keep motivated, to keep move on. I realize from my own recent life, without competition and/or challenge we will “die” soon. We will stop to learn, stop to have inner motivation to life, stop to grow, and finally we will get stuck.
From that contemplation, I also realize the reason why champions, especially in sports, have to do mandatory battle or mandatory fight. I believe, one of the reason is to force them to keep training, to keep ready for the battle, to keep practice and sharpen their skill. I believe, without that mandatory fight, soon, they will get stop to grow and soon they will lose their skill. That also happen in our personal life, without competition, without challenge, we don’t have forcing power to force us keep learn, grow, sharpen our skills, doing practice. We need other people to be our competitor and also motivator in growing ourself up. Yes we need competition as breath of our life, so we can keep grow and keep alive. We need other people to compete with us and to sharpen each others. Yes, competition is our breath of life, we need it to give us power, energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to live a full life.