Friday, 24 December 2010

Loading isn't Waiting

Some minutes ago, I got talk with one of my friends, she use word ‘Loading’ as her status on her messenger application. I asked her, what is loading ? She answer, ‘loading is loading’, mean nothing, cause she just waiting for tomorrow come.
I tell her that ‘loading’ isn’t ‘waiting’. Loading mean ‘memuat’, but waiting mean ‘menunggu’. She tell me a reason why she choose to use the word ‘loading’, cause she found that every game use that word when we must wait for the game to load. So, she think loading is waiting. I am not say that she was wrong, but after our conversation, I realized that if we don’t know English better, we may make some mistakes when we try to translate English into Indonesian.
Every game that we ever or we always played use word ‘loading’ cause every game must ‘load’ something before we can play that game. As people, game also need time to ‘load’ something, so isn’t wrong if we think that word ‘loading’ that every game used is mean waiting, cause we must wait for some times before we can play the game. I think that all, I can explain about the difference between word ‘loading’ and ‘waiting’.