Thursday, 26 April 2012

Is The New Champion Will Be Born ?

I love football, either playing it or watching it on television. I write this article for my own opinion one of most popular and biggest football competition in the world, UEFA Champion League (UCL). UCL’s semifinal phase has done. Two teams, Chelsea and Bayern Munich, will be played on final phase on 19 May 2012 at Allianz Arena. This article is my prediction about that final phase.

Just for to know, around 2 years ago, I wrote prediction about Fifa World Cup 2010 final phase when Spain met Italia. At that time, I wrote an article that titled ‘Akankah Juara Eropa Juga Juara Dunia ? (in English: Will Euro  2008 Champion will also be The World Cup 2010 Champion ?)’. That time, I feel something ‘weird’ in my heart that said about the chance of Spain to be the Euro 2008 Champion and then follow it with World Cup 2010 title. My prediction have had the answer, Spain be the Euro 2008 Champion and also World Cup 2010 Champion.

Now, I have another prediction. A prediction about UCL’s final phase. I predict that (based on my heart’s feeling) a new champion will be born this year. It’s mean that Chelsea will be winner of the UCL’s final phase that will be held on Allianz Arena, FC Bayern Munich home based. I believe that new champion will be born this year, not just because of I am a fans of Chelsea, but my heart feeling said about it. I know that my prediction isn’t rational or logical prediction, but the same irrational prediction about World Cup 2010 have the proof. Recently, before the 2nd leg of semifinal phase between Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich, my heart’s feeling also said that Madrid won’t won the battle. What proof ? Bayern won the game after penalty shoot-out.
I know that my prediction isn’t rational and/or logical, it’s just my heart’s feeling, so you may not believe it. We together will proof it, whether my prediction is true or not, after final phase is held on 19 May 2012. I wish my prediction will be true, so that I can proof to myself that my heart’s feeling is right and my favourite team (Chelsea) can be the new UCL’s champion. We will proof it later !

Warning: don’t use my irrational prediction in gambling, cause it’s just my heart’s feeling. I have no responbility for any impact of using my prediction in gambling. You have your own responbilities about it. Thanks for read !