Friday, 22 January 2010


Tulisan ini sebenarnya sudah aku buat sejak awal bulan Desember 2009. Tulisan ini juga sudah aku upload di blogku yang lain di alamat Namun dengan sedikit dorongan untuk berbagi tentang diriku dengan lebih banyak orang, maka aku memutuskan untuk memposting kembali tulisan ini disini. Selamat membaca ! (This article has been wrote since the early days of December 2009. This article has also uploaded at my another blog at But with a little bit of desire to share a part of my life with more people, so I decided to post it once more here. Lets read !)

I’m not the romantic one, but don’t know why, for the last two days, I always see her in my dream. Maybe because I always think her for the last two days. I’ve try to forget her from my mind and try to throw her away from my heart, but accidently, she come again on my mind and my heart.

I see her in my dream, may because, we meet frequently in the last month. We talk frequently. She is the first woman that can make me turn my focus on job to her. Try to give her attention, try to give her everything I have that I never give it to the others.

I’ve try to find another woman to fill in my heart, but nowadays, she comeback in my heart and my mind. I’ve succeed to forget her a while, I do a lot of jobs and try to turn my focus back on everything I love to do. But she still back in my mind and my heart. Once again, I’m not the romantic one, but for her, I look so romantic.

I almost give up to get her at my side, but NOW, my spirit is fired up again. I will try again to get her attention to me. I believe I can make her at my side one day in the future. I’ll do my best to get her attention and her love. I’ll make sure that she will not alone to face her trouble, I’ll try be at her side whenever she need me to be at her side.

I don’t know, whether I’ll love her forever or just for now. But I’ll try to love forever. Always try to find something interest at her. Will always try to find something special at her face, attitude, and her personality. Yes, I’ll try to love her forever. Yes, I can !!!!